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A Training Series with Optional Certification

Congratulations! By signing up for access to this training course, you are making an investment in your ability to create energy-efficient homes that are healthy, comfortable, and affordable for homeowners. The training series is designed to highlight those practices that best achieve these goals.

How to use this program:

The course contains five sections:

  1. Foundations (contains two video sessions and a knowledge check quiz
  2. Shell (contains two video sessions and a knowledge check quiz
  3. HVAC (contains two video sessions and a knowledge check quiz
  4. Renovations (contains two video sessions and a knowledge check quiz
  5. Bonus Recordings: 5 video sessions on related topics that support your learning on creating healthy, energy-efficient homes.

Get Answers to Your Questions

As part of your course purchase, the trainers are available to answer questions you may have as you work through the program. Please don’t hesitate to contact the MIAQC executive director with your questions: Christy Crocker at 207-626-8115, Christy will connect you directly to the trainers for a prompt response.

Get Certified

Join the growing body of residential construction professionals who have made the commitment to achieve voluntary certification. Certification is a great way to show your customers that you care about their health, safety and comfort. Contact Christy Crocker, MIAQC Executive Director, for access to the certification exam.; 207-626-8115.